What To Do After Storm Damage

No one wants to think about severe weather interrupting their life. The thing about Mother Nature is that she has the ability to cause sweeping damage in the blink of an eye. If not properly prepared for, these damages can seem overwhelming. The good news is that many people before… Read more »

What Customers Value Today

Volumes have been written about what customers really want from the companies they choose. Customer service experts believe most customers value speed of service. Sales professionals typically focus on likeability, product or service expertise, and attentiveness. Researchers in the science of consumer behavior have a point of view towards brand… Read more »

Home Improvement Projects with High ROI

Home Improvement Projects with High ROI

When it comes to home improvement, most homeowners dream of updated kitchens with fancy granite countertops. New bathrooms may also be top-of-mind when it comes to a remodeling project. While updating your kitchen and bathroom seem like great ideas, there are a few things to consider before tackling these home… Read more »