Addressing Water Damage in Milwaukee

Have you seen water damage in a commercial property? Whether it’s a spreading puddle in the ceiling or a completely submerged basement, Paul Davis Restoration Services is ready to assist. Our experts offer water damage restoration to companies or commercial spaces around the Milwaukee, WI area.

Where does Water Damage Come From?

Flood damage in business buildings comes from many ways. These issues may begin minor. However, the water damage could travel through your business and foster worsened damage from mold patches.

Flood damage can originate from weather also. Heavy rains or storm systems may harm your commercial property on their own. They can have a dangerous impact any commercial property near a body of water that overflows because of these heavy rains.

How We Can Help

Our specialists have years of know-how clearing floods and other kinds of flooding out of businesses near the Milwaukee, WI region. We offer our services to any commercial property stricken by water damage.

Our Repair Services Include:

  • Water damage analysis
  • Water removal
  • Drying soaked areas like carpet
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions like linens
  • Remediating mold or mildew growth
  • Finding and containing the source of pooling water
  • Reconstruction services or weather damage repair
  • Collaborating with insurance companies

Trusted Restoration Services

  • Our staff respond and act quickly Based on the level of damage, Paul Davis professionals should be able to fix water damage in your commercial space in around a few days.
  • We are experienced – After 50 years of business and millions of properties returned to normal, Paul Davis can handle your water damage situation.
  • We assist with your claims – Collaborating with insurance companies when recovering from water damage is a lot to deal with. We will work with your insurance company to file claims fast.

For all your water damage repair issues, get in touch with Paul! 888-473-7669. Our staff will be ready to connect you with a specialist in the Milwaukee area.