Working Together

At Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast and Fox Valley WI we recognize that trust, collaboration and communication are of the utmost importance to the success of any project. Our goal is to turn your vision into reality. From kitchen remodels to commercial office space remodels, there are many resources necessary to run an efficient remodeling project. We understand the requirements and practices of working with professionals such as architects, designers and realtors and we have the knowledge, skills and industry resources to complete the project to your vision. Every detail, from the planning stage to completion, is executed to specification and communicated on a high level. With every job, we bring together our passion for quality work and commitment to service so that you can be confident your project will surpass expectations.

  • Architects
    At Paul Davis we understand the importance of the relationship between you and your architect. For every project we manage, relationships based on trust and understanding form the cornerstone of success. Our performance lives up to our promise every day, every project, whether it involves restoration or new enhancements.
  • Designers
    We realize your relationship with your designer is of great importance. We work closely with you and your designer every step of the way to ensure the final result is as expected and that the process is smooth. If you do not have a designer, our on-staff designer will guide you through the selection and design process.
  • Realtors
    A partnership with Paul Davis is a worthy investment. Whether your home or business needs minor modifications to be transformed into a dream space, or requires a complete refurbishing, we offer a comprehensive array of remodeling services for every possible need and design style.