Causes of Flood Damage

Water damage takes many forms and can hit even the most equipped business or home. Assorted flood damage circumstances need special answers. Whatever the origin or scale of flood damage in your business, Paul Davis Emergency Services act quickly and efficiently.

Continue for more about several of the most common kinds of flood damage here:

Natural Causes

Severe storms will test any building’s integrity. If weather gets intense, water becomes a destructive force. Whether it’s a flash flood, tornado, or winter storm, when water hits your property, it’s a grave problem. No one can be ready for a problem like this, but when water damage strikes, you’ll have our help.

Flooding in the Basement

Basements are magnets for runoff water, whether from precipitation, a leaky roof, a damaged water pump, or other sources. It only takes one crack in the cellar for moisture to flow in. Paul Davis professionals are highly qualified to eliminate water from basements, sanitize and restore your possessions, and dry everything fast to minimize damage. Our team doesn’t rest until we have confirmed that the task is complete.

Problems with Sewer Spills

Sewer back up is not only disgusting, it’s hazardous. Grey or black water contamination spreads toxins that can result in infection. Backup from sewer blockages can be considered a crisis and should be handled right away. Certified Paul Davis technicians comb through and eliminate the damage from the sewage and all stagnant water damage may have occurred. Our equipment and years of training can solve the problem with safety and quality.

Appliance Leaks & Broken Plumbing

If your faucet, bathtub, water heater or other appliance floods, the outcome can range from irritating to hazardous. Standing water left on the floor can drain into tight spots, and pool in out of reach areas. You then cause floor damage and invite a mold invasion. If your water damage starts from toilet or kitchen overflow, you additionally risk spreading microbes. Have an emergency professional investigate the situation to prevent additional expenses later on.

Firefighting Runoff

It’s terrible enough for your home to take on fire damage, but it’s worse to be left with water damage in the days after the fire. In the steps of extinguishing a home fire, your property can be left soaked. Such a one-two punch of home damage can leave your area ruined. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the skills to eliminate all fire or water damage remaining.