Kenosha Damage Restoration

Located in an enviable position close to both Chicago and Milwaukee, but far enough to avoid the trappings of big city life, Kenosha is a lakefront city with a lot to offer. With a beautiful lakefront area as well as sprawling landscapes and great shopping, dining, and entertainment, Kenosha residents are living the good life. Like their neighbors to the north and west, Kenosha is proudly served by Paul Davis Restoration for all kinds of disaster recovery services including fire and smoke damage, wind damage repair, and even >biohazard decontamination. With a lakefront location susceptible to not only harsh Wisconsin weather, but the occasional damage caused by living next to one of the country’s largest freshwater lakes, the support of Paul Davis Restoration is of great benefit to the residents of Kenosha.

Kenosha built its reputation in the early 1900s by producing millions of automobiles and trucks for the nation’s burgeoning automotive industry. Many brands of vehicles were built in the Kenosha area, including AMC, Nash, and Hudson. As the industry consolidated and manufacturers were acquired by the Big Three based in Detroit, by the 1980s the vast majority of this production had moved out of the area. Kenosha continued to be home to many industrial and warehouse businesses due to its great location along the I-43 interstate highway. In recent years, this trend has continued, namely with the new construction of a massive Amazon warehouse, ensuring quick and efficient package delivery for area residents and a boost to the local economy.

Interesting and unique historical places abound in Kenosha, including the United States’ oldest operating velodrome or bicycle racing track. Racing fans come from all over the country in the summer months for weekly races at this track. Kenosha is also one of only three Wisconsin cities to have more than one National Register Historic District. These four historic districts – Civic Center Historic District, Library Park Historic District, Third Avenue Historic District and the Pearl Street Historic District – are an excellent destination for residents and visitors looking to learn some local history.

Paul Davis Restoration is proud to serve Kenosha with not only emergency services, but our expert remodeling services for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces, as well as commercial services for Kenosha’s great business community.

As a provider of complete property damage emergency services and restoration for 50 years that has restored millions of properties, the Paul Davis franchise network is uniquely qualified to provide the best service to your customer. These are just a few of the reasons why you should Call Paul.