Hales Corners, WI Weather Damage Removal

In the Midwest torrential storms and large tornadoes are normal during the winter, late spring and early summer months. As a consequence of snow, tornadoes, wind and thunderstorms, weather damage can appear in many forms. If wind damages your roof, siding or leaves big chunks of debris throughout your yard, it might be difficult to decide where to begin repairs. Paul Davis of Hales Corners strives to help you reconstruct your property if a major storm hits.

Fair Storm Damage Repair Estimate

Decades of practice around Hales Corners has provided our technicians with the capability to fix weather damage. Our team is prepared to provide fair and precise estimates for damage provoked by all types of storms. We give you a quote for the timeline and cost of the upkeep and renovation. Whether you’re looking for repairs for your roof or repairing wind damage, you can count on Paul Davis Restoration of Hales Corners. We work with insurance, bonding and licensing at Paul Davis Restoration of Hales Corners our staff is ready to take care of any restoration task. To go the extra mile, we assist with your insurance company to record a claim.

What We Do

Restoring Wind-Damaged Roofs

Wind and heavy rains often cause serious roof damage. The Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast and Fox Valley WI experts have roofing contractors available throughout Hales Corners ready to aid you. We leave your roof looking fantastic with our quick and meticulous work.

Restoring Storm Damage

Powerful winds from storms can inflict extreme damage. Right after a storm, typical damage consists of split gutters, strewn trash or severed shingles.

Electrical Restoration

Human beings require electricity for nourishment, warmth and comfort in Hales Corners, WI. If a storm or something more severe hits and blows out your electricity, it may be tough to come back from that. Our technicians are available for intense or less invasive electrical fixes following the storm.

Structural Stabilization

Intense wind during late spring and early summer can be destructive enough to wreck whole buildings. Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast and Fox Valley WI extends structural preservation and rebuilding aid in the instance that your house is demolished by a storm. Whether the storm ruined a wall or demolished the entire property, we can make sure that your property looks fantastic.

We also give mold and water damage elimination services. Go to the service pages to learn more.